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Nashville or Memphis? (don't really matter, It's not the lesson)

My latest trip would take me from St. Louis, MO to Charlotte, NC. I left St.Louis and planned to stop in Nashville for some time to relax and enjoy one of my favorite music cities, before heading off to Charlotte for a work conference. We found a campsite at the Nashville Fairgrounds, right smack in the middle of town. It was definitely nothing fancy, basically just a spot in the middle of a parking lot where we would call home for the next week. This site was not free camping or boondockinng, as it's commonly referred to, we spent $35 bucks a night, but as they say in the real estate world, location, location, location.

Multi Mixer
Here at the flea market was the multi mixer Ray Kroc sold when he met the McDonald Brothers.

This parking lot camping experience did allow us the freedom to stop by the Nashville Flee Market that was happening that weekend. I found this experience to be something different from any other "shopping" trip I had ever taken before. It seemed like an endless array of just about anything you could imagine. We even found a Multi Mixer just like the one Ray Krock sold to the McDonald Brother and I found a few other oddities that made me say...ummmm.

One evening we took a walk down Broadway to enjoy the nightlife and live music that Nashville is know for. A band playing that night at #TheStage, caught our attention and we stopped for a bit, had some drinks and even sang along with the band!

For the next few days, we just "hung out in the nest", it's our version "sitting at home" LOL. We got caught up on some work that need to get done, and got to know some of our camping neighbors that were there working at the flea market. Getting to know new people everywhere we go has really allowed us to see life from a new perspective, you really get to appreciate what you can learn from someone you just met.

The Stage on Broadway  Nashville, TN
The Stage on Broadway -Nashville, TN

Later that week, my coach/mentor/business partner/friend Todd Stottlemyre #toddstottlemyre was also coming to Nashville as a guest speaker at a business building seminar. We had plans to get together when he got to town, so like any good friend would do, I snatched him up from the airport and off we he checked his literary for his hotel location we soon realized that his hotel was in MEMPHIS and he just flew into NASHVILLE. 😳 Good News? ...Memphis is only 3.5 hours away, and for us, a road trip is just an opportunity for a new experience in a new city. If we are being honest ,Elizabeth was pretty much over camping in the parking lot at this point . So the solution to the problem was quickly solved with 3 words she said, "Yes, Let's Go!!"

😀😁😮 Nothing fake about those smiles!!!

I'll spare you all the boring details of our drive from Nashville to Memphis, back to Nashville, then off to Charlotte (needless to say we laughed a little 😂, we cried a little, and we drank lots of MONSTER and RED BULL to stay awake. and talked for hours). As a bonus, when you get to spend 17 hours in the car with your coach/mentor, you can really get dialed in on some of your thoughts and goals.

As the story ends, we arrive in Charlotte, NC for our business conference, and again, another lesson learned. In life, you never really know what is coming your way, but if you can stay nimble and let it happen, life will be so much more enjoyable... I absolutely loved spending time talking about the future and listening to Todd, a former world champion, share his thoughts with me and my wife.. #attitudeofgratitude 🔥🔥🔥

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